…..and the witch hunt continues

so the police have interviewed us, we turned up at 10.30am and managed to get out of there with just enough time to pick the children up at 3.30pm, I have never been so angry and upset by anything in my life, as they read out the things that our son has apparently accused us of I could not believe my ears, it sounded like something out of a book or a film, to be asked if I had subjected another life to these appalling things was degrading and upsetting, we are suspicious though, he was out of our care and in an idyllic situation for any child for 10 days prior to him being interviewed so we do not see how any thing he says can be taken as evidence, there was far to much time for his story to be corrupted by those around him. We have not been charged, there is no evidence to do so but apparently the investigation is on going, although it took them over 3 weeks to talk to us any way so goodness knows how long the whole thing will take them, it would be a surprise to us if they could find their way out of a paper bag.

there has been no contact from any one from SS at all we are supposed to be having a core assessment done on the other children, SS4 has not even been to see our youngest at his preschool, and from what we understand all the children have to visited in their place of education, I have asked the preschool every day and they have heard nothing from these people, although they do tell me that most of the SS hate dealing with them because not only are they good at their jobs they also know the SS workers jobs inside out and if procedure is not followed then it is not got away with, we are happy with this!!

we are tired of all of this, it is taking up all of our spare time, we have no real relaxation time, and sleep is hard to come by.

our two complaints have gone off this week so we shall see how that goes.


Its the spanish inquisition!!

it has been a while since our last update, we have been struggling with things a little, keeping our heads above water has been hard. we are back with a vengeance though and much research in to the practices and the codes of ethics that the SS are supposed to follow. we did find a rather disturbing piece of training knowledge in one of the books that we have, it is the job of the SS to know that ALL parents are guilty the challenge is in getting them to admit it! also rather disturbingly if you have homophobic tendencies or traits you are with out a doubt homosexual. the basic upshot of this training manual is there is no innocence and the more you try and say you are innocent the more guilty you are, maybe they will reintroduce the ducking stool?

my husband had a meeting with a load of these witch hunters the other day and was informed by SS4 that a mile is a long way, and stealing is not really stealing if it is done with in the home, it is a shame that the police do not agree with this woman. her boss has been on the phone with us and has made apologetic noises about it, but still refraining from accepting any kind of responsibility for the misconduct of her staff. SS4 also turned around and told my husband that she was concerned that he did not see what he had done wrong, we find it appalling that this woman can have made her mind up that we are guilty with out ever having spoken to us about anything, but taking the word of a vindictive person who made the initial false allegation and the lies of an 11 year old boy who has confessed to being a liar to the SS on numerous occasions.

we have finally heard from the police and have been asked to go and give our comments to the information they have in an informal chat at the station, we are a little nervous about it all but as we have done nothing wrong we have nothing to fear, and it is not the charges that SS4 had threatened us with, as they have been at this now for over three weeks we can only assume that if they had anything to charge us with we would know by now, and it would not be an informal chat that we were being invited to, I can only imagine that it would not be so much inviting as being collected if they had any actual concerns.

we have elevated our complaint to stage two and we are also sending it to the governing body of SS HCPC ( health care professionals council) and then we are going to send it to the BASW (british association of social workers). we are still refusing to lay down and take this quietly!!

we have a meeting next week to decide on something or another, although so far the only decision we have actually made is that we need to bring this organisation to its knees, it is time that these people realised that they are playing with peoples lives, and leaving a trail of destruction behind them that takes years, if not a life time to clear up, and they sit opposite us in the waiting rooms and corridors having pleasant conversations about how many bottles of wine they had at the weekend in the garden while enjoying the lovely weather, while we quietly sit there holding in our breath and wondering what lies are about to escape the lips of these inhumane, insensitive people.

Day 14 – Care?

we had a quiet weekend with the children, baked some cakes and generally relaxed. now back to reality and life.

On friday we spent most of the day trying to contact someone in the SS office, apparently it is normal practice to have no one in, no manager, no anybody, after a day of pestering we were finally routed through to someone in charge, she was going to speak to the team involved with our case and try and find out what was going on and why no one was speaking to us. We did have one of them call this morning but the line was ‘bad’ and kept cutting out, making conversation particularly difficult, and as for getting answers out of these people ……….. well that is just not happening. We will be contacting the people above this woman tomorrow to attempt to have our concerns addressed. we have had no update about how our son is since tuesday last week, we are not happy!

we had a reply to the complaints we sent in, the general up shot of that message would be; We are the SS, if we wrote it it must be right.

There has been a general lack of interest in what we have said, none of the issues we have raised have been addressed, or even acknowledged, so we now have to escalate this to the next level. Our response to the letter will be written in the next couple of days to action the movement in to level 2, this involves much the same kind of thing as level 1, I have found that most people receive much the same response at all 3 levels, this is, we can only assume because it is an internal investigation at all three levels, objective?? professional??

we have been reading the SS code of ethics, yes they do have one!! it would appear that they have forgotten these while dealing with us.

while the SS have been ripping our family apart with no justified reason, just the word of a vindictive woman who has a history of mental issues, certified and under observation on and off for many many mental problems, here are some of the things that they have been ignoring;

this is a report of a little girl who died from violence over the summer;



this is an on going problem, and they have our child!;


there are so many cases of children dying due to violent parents or violent partners of parents, why is it that these cases are not being picked up, but some false claim is put in and some over inflated woman with a group of minions barges in to our house and takes our son based upon this, how many tiny children are laying in their bed petrified tonight unable to sleep? but no one is helping them. these people are too busy completing cases with less paper work, and no evidence.

this system needs changing, it is called the care system, its a shame that is the thing they lack most.

Day 10 – part 2 more scary stuff

Well many phone calls later we finally manged to get hold of our SS worker, after ….. “she might be on leave”…… “I don’t know if she is in today” …… “she might be in a meeting” …… It went on for a while, SS’s mobile was rung a few times too, only after stamping our feet did she call back, she was an unhappy SS though, she did not like that we had made a fuss, she then went on to refuse to answer questions with anything other than vagueries and evasion, I persisted with my question and she hung up! What reasonable behaviour for a professional! We are still no wiser, our SS worker doesn’t like me in the slightest, we know that much.
We have collected research materials today, we have a load of books that are for the purpose of training social workers, so on with reading this evening!
We have found a couple more scary articles;


This raises some interesting points and the most important one is the title.


This one is the scariest thing I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

We are hopefully getting some way to sorting out some legal help. So onwards we go, there are forms to fill in an and post, and emails to send.
Well on with some research in to the way a social worker should behave!

day 10 – an interesting, scary little report

“The government has asked for a 40% increase in adoption and through public service agreements, some councils are fully meeting this and gaining massive financial rewards and “stars” for doing so. A result of all this has been to strongly motivate social workers to procure children suitable for adoption even if it means splitting up the very families they are meant to support and protect. They are not just trying to get children who are in care adopted, they are deliberately unjustly taking children from good decent homes on trumped up charges of abuse, and having them adopted. It is like an industry, but horrifically the commodities involved are children.”

http://www.justice-for-families.org.uk/documents/family_law/12to16marchdemo.php [accessed on 13/09/2012]

I have just found this very frightening report, how can this be right! financial gain for ripping families apart!

we have just spoken to the office apparently the entire staff quota is out of the office, no workers no managers, no duty managers, just the receptionist! no one is talking to us, in our opinion this is just them buying more time to fabricate a few more lies.

day 9 – all and mostly nothing

another day of not very much to report, we have had our advocate in touch a couple of times as our SS worker has not been listening, AGAIN, so this has caused a lot of confusion for our advocate, but it does show the advocate what we have been putting up with.

SS4 spoke to the others at school today, from what we can work out the questions have been tailored to give the most negative view of everything, nothing of what the kids do in their spare time, nothing of the things that we do as a family, nothing of what they do when they get home, only what chores they do, as I am aware doing chores is a normal part of growing up, is this not how we learn to look after ourselves? how to keep a home?

another letter of complaint has gone off today and the 1st has been with them for 2 days, 8 left and I am expecting a reply! we have emailed a few more MPs as yet no answers.

as yet we have not not heard anything from the interview that our son had with the police, we are just sitting her waiting to hear from someone to find out if we are going to be charged with something, we still don’t know what we may be charged with. I have lost my job because of this, the damage lies can do!

we are just caught in limbo at the moment, we don’t know wether we are coming or going and all the while the fire is being added to by SS workers who refuse to see that someone who is not in full control of their mental faculties might tell a malicious lie, this liar I will deal with in due course, first thing to do at the moment is to sort out the mess she has caused.

well on with the next day some normal life starts creeping back in tomorrow, but things will be over shadowed with this for some time yet.

day 8 – a little up, a little down

today we met our advocate, she spent an hour trying to familiarise herself with our case, she left our company with more questions than she arrived with and her head spinning, there is so much to tell and it just keeps going on and on. we are hoping that having this person with us will curb the amount of fabricated material that appears on our reports. we really recommend to anyone suffering this kind of thing find your self you local advocacy service.

today was also the day that our son was to be interviewed by the police, we do not yet know the out come of this although we are both worried about the out come as we still don’t know what it is that we are accused of. So we sit here waiting for the worst.

tomorrow SS4 has decided she is meeting our children at their school, how much more must these little people endure before they are left alone, there is no where in their little lives left that is safe any more, these SS workers are the ultimate bullies, they infiltrate every part of your life and leave you no place to hide, or escape.

there is not really a lot to report for today, we emailed a load more people, mostly MPs, looking for some support, and some answers. now on with the waiting, these people don’t answer that quick.